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When you have to combine two or more sentences, what is the first thing you think of? Is it the comma? In general, punctuation is a powerful way to structure your thoughts in writing, but why do we tend to use commas so much more than other punctuation marks?

If you are not familiar with comma splices, you probably won’t recognize them. Here’s what you need to know. The improper use of a comma between two independent clauses instead of conjunction is known as a comma splice. For instance:

I am reading a book, he is playing the guitar.

Instead of a comma, a semicolon would be more appropriate here. You could also add conjunction, or better yet, just divide this sentence into two.

Often, a comma splice is not immediately apparent. Even when you identify the fused sentence, it might not be easy to fix it. Comma splicing is difficult to avoid without a good grasp of grammar rules and an in-depth understanding of sentence construction.

Avoid Comma Splices With These Tips

Do you know why it’s so important to put the comma in the right place in your sentence? The comma gives a line of words a voice that can be cheerful, mournful, gentle, bold, or whatever else you choose. Otherwise, it might ruin your text as with any other powerful tool. Unless you want to make an exception and highlight special points in creative writing, comma splices in professional writing are not acceptable. Here’s what you can do to avoid comma splices.

comma splice checker
  • Try to replace the comma with a full stop and check if the newly formed sentences keep their meaning.

Bad: I am going on vacation to Spain, I love Barcelona so much.

Good: I am going on vacation to Spain. I love Barcelona so much.

  • Add coordinating or subordinating conjunction and check whether it improves the flow of your sentence.

Bad: My cousin loves making selfies, I gave him a selfie stick for her birthday.

Good: My cousin loves making selfies, so I gave him a selfie stick for her birthday.

  • Replace the comma with a semicolon and see if each part of the sentence before and after the semicolon forms a complete sentence.

Bad: I hate these mosquitos, they are annoying.

Good: I hate these mosquitos; they are annoying.

These tips will help you avoid comma splices while writing, but if you need more help with how to fix comma splice sentences, you can always rely on our comma splice and run on checker.

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How To Use Run On Sentence And Comma Splice Checker

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Do you often find yourself going back to every sentence to replace every misplaced comma with a period or a semicolon? Why not use a special tool to handle this tedious task? All it takes is to go online and use this fused sentence checker to keep your ideas flowing!

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