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Social media and blogs are becoming more popular every day. It is always disappointing when a text is really well crafted and engaging, but something is missing. It is fun to write creatively, but it often comes with the risk that your reader will become confused by your hazy thoughts because you are not crystal clear.

Generally, clarity comes from a complete and concise sentence structure, which is often neglected to be more creative and emphasize certain points in the text. For this reason, creative and engaging texts, and formally written texts as well, should be carefully crafted to avoid fragmented sentences.

In simple terms, a sentence fragment is a clause that does not meet the formal requirements of a complete sentence because it lacks a verb, a subject, and a complete thought. For example, “No matter how.” or “Totally worn out”.

Although some fragments work well for storytelling, it is best to leave them out if your content is geared towards business. The bottom line is that you should think about your audience and how they will react to your writing if you break the grammar rules.

How To Recognize Sentence Fragments

As a rule, in a sentence, there is a subject in a sentence that tells what the sentence is about, and a verb to describe what the subject is doing or to join sentences together. Fragments are often dependent clauses or long phrases that follow the main clause. How to identify sentence fragments is based on two methods.

  • Check whether the sentence has a noun, a verb, or only a verb fragment to identify the sentence fragment. Often, fragments are leftover parts of a longer sentence.
  • Take a look at the sentence and see if it makes sense. If you read it but don’t get the idea, then the sentence is probably incomplete.

Fixing sentence fragments can be as easy as removing the period between the fragment and the main clause and punctuating correctly. If you cannot locate the main clause, you should explore the context and add the missing information. Here are a few examples of what a sentence fragment usually looks like.

  • Sentences that start with a gerund ending in “ing”, “ed” or an irregular past participle. “Coming soon.”.
  • Sentences that start with “to” followed by your verb, no verb, or the wrong verb form: “To the office.”.
  • Afterthought fragments, lonely verb fragments, or appositive fragments. “For example, having a cup of coffee.”.

How to Fix a Sentence Fragment in a Minute

You can fix a sentence fragment if you have detected one and think it is missing a particular element – the subject, verb, or else. There are several ways you can do it.

  • Add a subject to complete the sentence.My cousin is coming soon.”
  • Add a predicate to give the sense to the sentence and make it complete.I am taking a taxi and heading to the office.”
  • Attach the fragment to a nearby sentence. You should relax a little, for example, by having a cup of coffee.”
how to fix fragment sentences

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