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Creating a document means that you would be checking it often. You have to make sure that it is properly written. Can you imagine if people barely understand what you are trying to say? Miscommunication is possible and the messages that you are trying to say will be left forgotten.

Sentence Checker for Passive Voice

A passive sentence means that the subject needs to undergo the action of the verb. Some people use passive sentences if they want to explain further. There are times when the words become too wordy and hard to understand instead of using active sentences.

Some people are not even aware if they are writing in the passive or active form, which is why an active or passive sentence checker is ideal to use.

Remember that using passive voice in a sentence does not mean your grammar is wrong. Readers will not immediately understand what you are trying to say. The voice construction can weaken your overall sentence, and you do not want that. Using a passive sentence checker is going to be an ideal option.

Example of Passive Voice

What if you have already checked and still do not know how to tell if a sentence is active or passive? Remember that through passive voice, it is the action and the object of the sentence that is being emphasized. The subject is placed seemingly in the background.

You can use an active or passive sentences checker to help you know if the sentence you created is passive or active. Yet, it will also help if you have a clearer understanding of this.


My candy was stolen from the desk.

From the sentence, no subject is stated probably because the person who stole the candy is unknown. If the subject was added at the end of the sentence, it would still be passive.


My candy was stolen from the desk by my sister.

The clue here is if you know who the subject is, it is better to create a sentence in active form. The passive or active sentence checker will let you know if your sentence is in passive or active form. You can make the changes when necessary.

Passive Sentence Checker: How it Works

You will be able to identify the passive sentences on the document that you will place on the website. This is a passive sentence checker online, which means that you do not have to download it on your PC or smartphone so that it will work. You need to copy and paste your document, and the passive voice sentence checker will thoroughly review it.

  • Analyze your whole document in a short amount of time. You do not want to spend a lot of time checking your documents. You can still have time to do other things.
  • All sentences in passive voice will be highlighted. There is no need to nitpick each sentence written in the document. You will know exactly what you need to change using the sentence checker passive voice tool.
  • Get tips on how to change your sentence into an active voice. There is no need to analyze for a long time. You will know how to fix your sentence immediately.
passive or active sentence checker

Other Features of Passive Sentence Checker

There may be different passive sentence checkers that you can find online, but you want to find one that will go beyond just checking if your sentence is in passive form. Other things to expect from the sentence checker passive voice are the following:

  • Spell check. You need to be sure that the words you use are all correct. It can make your document look more formal.
  • Grammar check. Your whole document will be more brutal to understand when people cannot understand your grammar. The passive and active sentence checker will also do a quick grammar check so that you can change the grammar if needed.
  • Check for plagiarized work. Many professors are getting stricter about the documents that they will receive from students. Make sure that your work has no traces of plagiarism with the use of this tool.
  • Punctuation checker. Did you accidentally use a comma instead of a period? This checker will let you know about this mistake so that you can correct it immediately.
passive sentence checker online

This tool will not only help you find the passive voice in the sentence checker, but it will also let you know if there are words that you can use instead of the one that you have placed. It can make your document clearer and easy to read.

How to Use the Active Vs Passive Voice Sentence Checker?

You may be surprised, but this tool is easy to use. To start using the active vs passive sentence checker, do the following:

  1. Paste the text that you want to check. You can also choose to type your words directly on the blank area.
  2. Allow the tool to analyze your text.
  3. Get your report that comes with some suggestions.

You do not have to spend a lot of time analyzing your text, especially when tips on improving your work will already be given to you.

Sentence helper is a handy tool to change your passive voice sentences to active voice. Give it a try!